Malcolm Wright

Vermont Blick Clay Serving Bowl #MW34

13 1/2" Diameter   4 1/2" Height


Wood Fired

Made in 2016 Vermont, USA


Vermont  Brick Clay

Unglazed brick clay pots are functional but are fired at a moderate temperature of 2000~2100 degrees F in what I call a soft fire method, using no glazes.
The clay is barely fused and the ash is just slightly melted. The bowls are fired upside down over vases or are otherwise protected from direct flame and ash.
I hope to achieve brick reds, ochres, occasionally dark shades of blue and green with black around the edges.
The outside surfaces show darker blacks with strong fire marks.
These pots are places into the kiln without decoration and the fire does all the work.
These bowls should be cared for the same as a wooded salad bowl. Before the first use, wash normally with detergent and a brush or scrubby.
Rince thoroughly and enjoy the colors which are enhanced when wet. Dry by allowing the bowl to sit upside down on a drain board. Do not try to wipe the bowl.