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Yuriko & Shigeyoshi Morioka and Mike Weber 

March 15 to 17, 2018
Opening reception: 6pm to 8pm March 15, 2018


森岡成好, 由利子 
マイク ウエバー

3月15日、16日、17日 2018年
オープニングレセプション:3月15日 午後6時から8時




Wood Fired Ceramic
Mike Weber 

It has been more than 20 years since we met Mike Weber.
His own unique form reminds us of Iga or Shigaraki Style.
A pile of clay sitting outside of his studio was the cheapest clay he purchased a few decades ago.
He is perfectly capable of creating smooth pieces of pottery on a wheel due to his forty-five-year career as a potter; however, most of his pieces appear naturally distorted. The secret of this form is the cheap clay.
He twists, holds down, and wrestles with the resisting clay on the wheel, as if taming a wild horse. And thus, naturally distorted shapes are formed.
And then the pieces are glazed with Shino and fired in a ANAGAMA kiln. He uses the most expensive woods to fire the pots, “Red Pine”, through the entire firing process.
It is only possible to do this because he is surrounded by a red pine forest.



At thirty-years-old, in 1972, Mike started his life in a forest near Lake Superior in Northern Wisconsin.
He built his own cabin and a large wood kiln.
Surprisingly he was living without electricity, gas or running water for his first six years there.
Waking up in wildness, going to the stream to get water, he managed to maintain a self-sufficient lifestyle while producing his art pieces.
He created many colorful tile sculptures influenced by Spanish artists like Joan Gardy Artigas, a disciple of Miro. Then he encountered the Japanese culture of Zen and the tea ceremony in the beginning of 1990’s.
Fascinated, he researched the culture and became aware of something similar within himself.
His life in the wilderness for six years was similar to a Zen monk’s ascetic practice in the mountains questioning himself every day.
His style changed completely in his pieces, rice bowls, water pots, vases, were now inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony.
Though he never learned Japanese pottery, he was pursuing a new style. In 1996 he met Shiro Tsujimura in Japan, who advised him to build a smaller kiln. Mike has build five kilns by now.
The last kiln he built was “Rocket Sing” in 2012; the simple structure allows pieces that require shorter firing. Moreover, it allows natural glazes to appear more beautiful.
It has been five years since his last his exhibition in 2013. This exhibition is a match of wood firing with Shigeyoshi and Yuriko Morioka.
This is a competition in which the artist is able to give a greater impression on the hearts of people.
Look forward to seeing this match:
USA vs Japan!



Yuriko, Shigeyoshi Morioka


Amano in Wakayama Prefecture

It was in 1974 that they built a kiln on the Land in Amano in Ito County near Mt. Koya in Kii Providence. Located in the middle of the mountains on Kii Peninsula, south of Kyoto, Osaka, and Nara, the place has a trace of human settlement dating back to 25,000 years ago.

An introduction from Nana Yamazaki of the Sanga Project lead us to have this exhibition of the couple; however, we were familiar with the husband, Shigeyoshi-san’s Takashi Nakazato inspired appearance and art style. Shigeyoshi-san is also the master teacher of sculptor Joy Brown.
His clay texture is simplicity itself; the shape of his pieces gives us the impression of his playfulness and decisiveness, as if their shape was unintentional.  In addition, his unique appearance makes a strong first impression.




The wife, Yuriko-san creates celadon pieces. The large vases' dignified features remind us of the Joseon style. The remaining sand on the bottom from the firing and the sophisticated lip shapes are distinctive characteristics of her work.

The exhibition in March is a joint show with the wood-fired potter, Mike Weber from Wisconsin.



Mike Weber と森岡成好、百合子夫妻の薪窯陶器

マイク ウエバー とはかれこれ20年以上の付き合い。


スペインのアーティスト、ミロの弟子のジョアン アルティガスと出会い、タイルやカラフルな彫刻作品を



紀伊の国 高野山の近く、伊都郡 天野の地に窯を構えたのが1974年だそうだ。

サンガプロジェクトの山崎ナナさんの紹介で展覧会をする運びとなったが、彫刻家のジョイ ブラウンの師匠でもあったり、
3月の展覧会は、ウイスコンシンの薪窯陶芸家 マイク ウエバーとの3人展となる。