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April 16th, 17th, and 18th 2020

*Will be on the Website Exhibition

Artist Reception : Canceled

Fujiko Enami ( Murrini Glass)

Ushio Konishi ( Lace Glass)

MURRINI and LACE 2020 at SARA Japanese Pottery

Dear Friends,

The world is suffering. Everyone is injured in some way and confronting a difficult situation. Our affection to and association with others are challenged and we are forced to be patient.

Last year, I gave up visiting New York City for the exhibition in SARA Japanese Pottery, because I had to take care of my elderly parents.
Since then, my Aikido skills and the performance of Japanese tea ceremony have improved. Although my parents aged a little more and they still need someone to talk to about their old good days, I wanted to visit NYC this year, to meet people in galleries, and if possible, also visit the Aikido dojos.

However I had to cancel my trip again due to reduced and cancelled flights. The planes which would have carried our glass works are now carrying what is of more importance.

Our studio is situated on the ground floor of our two-story home building, and we fortunately can still reach our working studio without leaving the building.
At the moment we are keeping our production going, but most of the planned exhibitions have been cancelled. We are able to work for another month or two, though if the strategy for infection control would not change soon and if the flow of our income stops, we will have to put out the fire of the furnace and stop running our studio.

When horrible terrorist attacks and natural disasters occur, I think of what we can do for the world. There is no answer for it. Not many things can be done by a glass artist.
But there is one thing I know. During the time when everything seems hopeless, small arts and handmade crafts such as a plate or a glass, with a slice of bread and some wine, can encourage people and bring joys to their life.

I wonder whether it is a right thing to keep our creative activity going at this difficult time. Rather than being a glass artist, there might be something else I can do for the world as a member of the society. Or it may be better to stay quiet doing nothing at all.
Then I remember, I did not become a glass artist because someone told me to be so. I do not deny of my desire for higher reputations and wealth. But then, I recall that I have chosen to be a creator because I wanted to share the beauty and luxuriance of life with others.

We are now isolated from each other because of the tiny viruses. Even though a difficult situation to sustain our life continues, we are not deprived of the chance to enjoy rich life with our friends and family. Many people, although suffering from this worldwide disaster, are looking for ways to connect with other people.
I will also look for a way to contribute to the world as a glass artist as well as a human. If the small cunning viruses threaten our life from behind, I would choose to try searching a way to send preferable head-on lights to people’s life, even though I am also a small being.

I wish, after a long dark night, there will be a morning for everyone on earth. I am longing for the time we will be able to laugh out loud with friends and family again.

April, 2020
Ushio Konishi

April 2020









                        April.2020.   潮工房 小西 潮

Murrini and Lace 2020 Exhibition