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Ceramic: Wheel Throwing, Slab, Slip Cast, Hand Carved Sculptures

Painting: Water Colors, Collages

Jewelry: Gold, Silver


April 11, 12 and 13, 2019

Opening Reception: 6pm to 8pm May 30, 2019



In this exhibition I want to show the scope of my interests and techniques. It’s a whole world where everything is interconnected.

Kandinsky's book “Point and line to plane” was the first art theory book that I read. And it influenced me undoubtedly. He said there -

“Everything starts from a dot.“ “A dot is an artistic element full of endless possibilities.“


In my work I explore the possibilities of the dot as a mark and as a 3D object. I also explore abstraction and its relationship to the surrounding world.


I was born in Russia. We call our land Eurasia , because it’s has a big European part and a big Asian part. In my thinking I was always Eurasian. I trained in myself the logic of western world and the sensitivities of the East. I find it so natural to love Japanese culture and to be inspired so strongly by its remarkable tradition and history of ceramic arts. In my work you can see these influences merging : of Japanese shapes with contemporary art ideas of the west, of New York. – Lana Kova