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May 2, 3 and 4, 2019
Artists Reception: 6pm to 8pm May 3, 2019


Akihiro Nikaido, Hiroyuki Tomita, Naoki Kato,
Yuji Murakami, Yuki Kimura, Tetsuya Ozawa




What is Toh-ISM?
A group that was created nine years ago by Akihiro Nikaido who had been working in Mashiko, with the purpose of connecting and expanding the potters who are active individually. Currently, a ceramicist Hiroyuki Tomita, who is active internationally, is the chairperson of the executive committee, and 8,000 people have visited the exhibition of the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse for the group of 100 artists. It was common to go through the steps to become an apprentice to a master and go independently but in recent years there are many young potters who do not have masters, and a place for personal interaction has been needed. Toh-ISM was born inevitably by the foresight of Akihiro Nikaido, A new type of pottery group.







Akiihiro Nikaido 二階堂明弘

Born in Hokkaido, Nikaido moved to Mashiko in 2001. He launched Toh-ism in 2010, the year before the Great East Japan Earthquake.After his studio was damaged he gave it up and decided to move to Chiba. Currently, the base is moved to Shuzenji in Izu peninsula. He is committed to using Mashiko Clay, and the unique firing with an oil kiln. He also does raku, and uses lacquer on the clay body as well. He continues to lead the Toh-ISM potters while expanding opportunities in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Paris, and New York.




Hiroyuki Tomita 富田啓之

”I make things that appeal to people's mind through the production of ceramics with elements such as bold, unrestrained, delicate, graceful, from dishes for everyday use to wall tile works. As people have various aspects, we aim to create a multifaceted work that allows us to touch the heart even if the ancients or the future people use it." ­– Hiroyuki Tomita

などの要素を持たせた陶器の製作を通して、人の心に訴える物作りをしています。人にもさまざまな側面があるように多面性を持たせた作品作りをすることで、古代人が見ても未来の人が使っても心の琴線に触れるような形を目指しています。」- 富田啓之



Naoki Kato 加藤直樹

Last November, he was the recipient of the Sara Japanese Pottery Gallery Award at the Toh-ISM exhibition held at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse. A sculptor rather than a potter, his pieces from Nature Work are created by thin lines and expresses the artist himself. His ideas are unique, crafting pieces in a different perspective.

去年、11月に横浜赤レンガ倉庫で行われた陶ISMの展覧会で、Sara Japanese Potteryギャラリー賞を受賞した。
細い線を結んで組み上げられたNature Workの彫刻をはじめ、独自の観点で工夫されたもの作り。

1979年 岡山にうまれる
2002年 岡山大学教育学部卒
2004年 エレキボウイ結成
2009年 十河隆史氏のスタジオアシスタントをつとめる(~2012)
2015年 粘菌友の会 立ち上げ
現在 庭瀬陶芸工房講師、中国デザイン専門学校非常勤講師

2017年 京畿世界陶磁コンペティション 銅賞



Yuki Kimura 木村悠希

Yuki Kimura Artist Statement "From the clay, we are making small figures, and objects. What makes these creatures so unique is their long arms and legs which make their identity almost mysterious.

I try to represent the emotions in this world. The sadness, the dark and emotions that can’t be described by words
I would like to carefully craft these works in order to become closer to the heart of whoever purchases the pieces”




Yuji Murakami 村上悠仁





Tetsuya Ōzawa 大澤哲哉

1984 Born in Japan
2008 Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Nagoya University of the Arts
2008 Studied under Yoshikawa Masamichi
2015 In production activities in Aichi Prefecture Tokoname Aichi Japan

1984年 岐阜県多治見市生まれ
2008年 名古屋芸術大学美術学部造形科卒業
2008年 吉川正道 氏に師事
2015年 愛知県常滑市にて制作活動中