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March 21, 22 and 23, 2019

Artist reception: 6pm to 8pm March 21, 2019

Artists: Koichi Iinuma, Makoto Oki, and Kaori Azuma



History of Kasama City, Ibaraki prefecture who made HANIWA clay figure from the Kofun period 1,300 years ago. The cutting-edge modern ceramic artists are having a hard time. At a close distance of about 70 miles north from the big city of Tokyo, the process of making miscellaneous goods did not lead to the creation of its own style. Meanwhile, the modern ceramic artists repeated trial and error, they are spending their days trying to create new form and ways. What kind of future is there for them?! I'd like to make sure they have one in New York.

1300年前の古墳時代から埴輪を作り、土に触れ合って来た茨城県笠間の歴史。その最前線にいる現代陶芸家たちの今は、思いのほか容易なものではない。大都会東京から北へ100km余りという近い距離にあって、生活雑器を作って来た経緯は、独自のスタイルを生み出すに至らなかった。そんな中、現代陶芸家たちは試行錯誤を繰り返し、新しい形、手法を生み出そうと切磋琢磨の日々を送っている。彼らにどんな未来があるのか?!New Yorkで確かめていきたい。