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May 17 to 19, 2018
Opening reception: 6pm to 8pm May 17, 2018

二階堂明弘 個展
5月17、18、19日 2018年
オープニングレセプション 5月17日 6時から8時




At 40 years old, Akihiro Nikaidou is in great demand now. Having exhibitions in Hong Kong and Taiwan, he is a popular artist even in Paris. This is his second exhibition at Sara in NY after just a year.
In Japan he leads the movement “Tou-ism” (Ceramic-ism) and actively helps to make young artists known to the public.
This coming November, a huge exhibition is scheduled at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse. I imagine it is not easy, while making ceramics, he is planning and conducting events with people. He must be moved by a sense of mission. Just like his stamped ceramic pieces, he carries forward his work patiently with courtesy.



A few days ago I received his new "stamped ceramic coated with lacquer" piece. It was a beautiful shape tea bowl. After brushed white glaze on the top of the popular stamped surface, it was fired right before the glaze melt, and then polished to make decorative patterns. Then, it was given a coat of lacquer and fired again at a low heat. Such a moisturized texture I have never seen; the stamped pattern just like an ancient message underneath the layers of glaze and lacquer, what a beautiful shape it is. Several stamped ceramic coated with lacquer pieces are expected to be at the exhibition. I hope you come to see his newest pieces.