Murrini & Lace 2017 Fujiko Enami & Ushio Konishi's Ushio Glass Studio in Japan

May 02, 2017


The Ushio Studio duo, Fujiko Enami and Ushio Konishi, this married couple is recognized internationally as one of the leading artists in Venetian glass.

They worked under Jim Holmes at the Chatham Glass Company in Cape Cod, outside of Boston, Massachusetts. In 1989, they returned to Miura city, a coastal town in Japan, and established Ushio Studio. From then on, their work has spread brilliantly with multiple exhibitions within Japan and internationally.

Merely incidental the fact that Fujiko specializes in Murrini glass and Ushio in Lace glass, working this way day-by-day they have successfully established themselves worldwide.




I spoke a great deal with Ushio last March during their exhibition at New York Sara Japanese Pottery. What impressed me most was when I asked how he and his wife, both artists and working side-by-side,How do they handle disagreements. He told me, clearly and without hesitation, "I made a resolution to support Fujiko throughout my lifetime and career". As an artist, Ushio must put himself first. However, these words reflected his respect for his wife, his commitment to her, and his deep love for her which is what became acute. When the studio was being built, the height of the furnace and table were made to her measurements.

The process to make Murrini glass starts by making the beads, lining them up with tweezers, rolling them into one piece, and blowing air to shape the form. It is as if this substance that goes through a chemical reaction and crystallizes into a detailed pattern is the transcended form of the two artists love for one another.

This year there will be many beautiful works from them.
Without hesitation, you must come see.