September 13, 2018

Eisuke's Choice 2018

September 20th to 22nd 2018

Opening reception 20th 6pm to 8pm


Kazuhiko Kudo, Takashi Yomiya, Kan Kishino,
Yutaka Hanaoka, Choi Jae Ho, Maiko Miyaoka, Yoshihiro Nishiyama







Maiko Miyaoka - Tokyo
After a long journey through the drawing and music world, she reached out to ceramic art.
Among various kind of pottery she was attracted to Imari in the style of the early period that looked very gentle and free.
She recreates the charm as contemporary ceramics.
Coordinating every high standard of pottery making like the manufacturing method, shaping , molding, etc. In a well balanced way.
This is her sensitivity and straight love to early Imari.








Yutaka Hanaoka - Shizuoka Prefecture
After studying under Shiro Banura in Iga City, Mie prefecture, about 40 years ago he started a kiln in Shuzenji, Shizuoka prefecture. There, he opened up the world to what is now known as "kohiki tableware". At the time, it was the norm to use kohiki as the foundation for any painted pottery. The world Hanaoka-san presented showed the values and beauty of people at the time in a provocative way, and a kind of movement was born. However, different from most other movements, it is one that we don't tire from. Even now, it continues to attract young fans, young potter's admiration, even the reason to become a potter. Hanaoka-san's work is splendid without necessarily emphasizing personality. However, a "Yutaka Hanaoka kohiki" is something you'll always recognize.






Takashi Yomiya - Stoneware Kumamoto Prefecture
After apprenticing with Takashi Nakazato, Takashi Yomiya established his own unique style. Now, he is one of Japan's most famous ceramicists.
His characteristic style, shape, and technique that was so unique has now become a staple in tableware.
As he continues to be the top pottery maker in Japan, he simply aims for "tableware that can make food taste even slightly more delicious" - perhaps an ideal that has no end nor an answer.