Fujiko Enami

Memento Cup

φ2"1/2 x H3 1/2" 5.5oz
Made by Fujiko Enami

Your world becomes as if looking through a kaleidoscope. Taking a combination of tiny pieces, Fujiko's works are characteristic of Venetian Glass, particularly, Murrini glass. Similar to making Kintaro-Ame, a Japanese candy where long stems of candy are cut with the same pattern at each intersection, the Murrini technique is a complex technique, taking long stems of glass and cutting them into 5mm pieces. Then, after arranging 200-2000 glass pieces, they are fired together and shaped using a glass blowing rod.

"When I was a child, I loved watching my mother embroider. She would divide and beautifully arrange the many embroidery threads; it was very comforting to me. With the Murrini technique, a lot of time is spent sitting and working on a delicate arrangement, which to me is a peaceful time spent on doing something and being somewhere I am supposed to be."

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