Kazuhiko Kudo

Quince Shaped Green Plate #KU-17

9" x 8" x 1.25" Height

Stoneware, Wood Fired

Made in Hokkaido, Japan

Originally from Kanagawa prefecture, Kazuhiko Kudo chose to be based out of Asahi-kawa in Hokkaido because of the soil called, Kenbuchi clay.
Never used for ceramics, this clay is roughly 200 million years old, and about 45,000 years ago it came to Japan through Siberia.
It became a question of how this clay can be used, and as a result of five years work, the utterly original yellow kohiki was developed.
As its name implies, it is the kohiki technique with traces of yellow, however, like the land in Hokkaido, there is strength in the material.
This past year, he built a wood-fire kiln. From that vast serene nature grows a powerfully strong, deep, and dynamic expression.