Ushio Konishi

Brown and White Lace Glass Vase with Chrome Rim #U26 by Ushio Konishi

6" Diameter 9" Height

Hand Made Lace Rod and Hand Blown
Made in Kanagawa, Japan

Ushio Konishi

As if lace was made from glass, Ushio's Lace Glass technique beautifully folds glass to create delicate designs reminiscent of lace patterns. This glass blowing technique used to make Lace Glass is one of Venetian glass's most famous techniques. It is such an advanced technique that it was once known only within the most expert of Venetian glass blowers and its technique was held secret to others.

"How to combine the colors, or how to express it in a way that will make it the most beautiful is what Lace glass is about. In other words, how to use the colors and make them transparent so that the glass is both brilliant and understated; the glass then has beauty and charm. When I look at the primitive and labor intensive process, I want to make glass out of it. To understand what glass can become is, perhaps, what I am searching for as a craftsman."

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